The Public Duck Club

dukszn is an inclusive duck club inspired by the diverse community dedicated to preserving the heritage and conservation of the sport

Waterfowl differently

Chasing waterfowl is different across the United States. We have been able to experience many new species and understand the heritage of waterfowl hunting in new areas by trading hunts. Swapping hunts is very cost effective for those who don’t want to pay for a guided hunt.

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The Public Duck Club

Dukszn joined Biodiversity Reasearch Insitute for a day of catching, banding and attaching tracking devices to sea ducks for the Common Eider Brood Survival study in Casco Bay Maine. dukszn created the Salty Fowl collection to help fund this effort. 20% of all collection profits are donated directly to this conservation effort. We invited Wildfowl Magazines Chris Ingrim to join us for the day. Read Chris's article linked below.

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