Woodies and Trail Cameras

Woodies and Trail Cameras


Scouting can make or break a hunt. Ask someone how they scout “Find the roost watch them hit  the feed and loafing areas”. That’s great when you can see for miles in flat land. Scouting birds in NODAK  is different than scouting birds in the swamp 


A lot of areas I hunt,  when the birds leave the water you are lucky to truly know where they are going due to visibility or multiple beaver swamp holes surrounding the roost

Something I started doing was utilizing  trail cameras, this was to limit pressure and also save me time getting deeper in the back waters and swamps.

There was a lot of trial and error but here are some tips on setting trail cameras for wood ducks.


  • Use wireless cell cameras to reduce pressure.
  • Know where the sun rises and sets and make sure the camera isn’t pointed in that direction
  • If there is an oak overhanging the swamp place the camera in that area.
  • U channel fence posts slide into the muddy swamp bottom easily


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